Friday, September 13, 2013


Today was my birthday.
Some of our family were able to go with me to dinner. Brewster even slept under the table while we ate. It was nice to have him come with us to a restaurant one more time. Even though a couple of the students in our family weren't able to make it, we still filled up a couple of tables. Taekwando daughter is going for her third degree black belt tomorrow. She was asked to only invite immediate family members, since space is limited. We laughed! If our whole family came to watch, we'll fill up a good part of the audience!

Near the end of our meal, a couple of the girls were texting and smiling to each other. They were taking pictures like crazy. I was wondering what was going on. When we got out of the restaurant, they told me. The conversation went something like this:

"Did you know that the local guy that was a finalist on American Idol a couple of seasons ago was in the restaurant?"
"Really? Who is it? Is he still there? Can we go back and see?"
"No, that would be so embarrassing! It was Deandre Something. I can't remember his name, but he used to go to high school near here.  He was sitting right behind you while we were eating."
"Did he sing Happy Birthday to me along with all the others in the room? That would have been cool."
"No. Right when everyone was singing, he ate something hot and was holding his hand to his mouth."

Wow! I almost had someone from American Idol sing Happy Birthday to me!

But what was even better, I was blessed by family and friends who actually know me, people who wished me well online, family who joined me for dinner. My in-laws and grandson gave me cards. An older son took Mr. I out this afternoon to get bike parts so I was able to rest. A daughter got a chocolate cream pie for my birthday. People I love have shown their love to me. I am so blessed!

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