Monday, September 2, 2013

Block Party!

Our street had its annual block party this evening. It almost didn't happen.

I normally plan it with the help of one or two other neighbors. If you know me, you understand that I've been a bit distracted this summer with teen drama, vacation, and a few other things. I kept forgetting to send out the invite to people. I was shocked Thursday when I realized that I had only a few days to prepare for our Labor Day party. It's Labor Day already?!!! I had to make a decision. Do we cancel the party this year, or should I go ahead and have it on such short notice? I was hoping that neighbors would remember that we have our party at the end of the street every year at the same time and would come.

And they did! Not everyone was able to make it, but about half of the neighbors attended, at least for a short time. We had good food, and great conversation. I am so blessed to have such great neighbors!

So how did an impromptu party work?

1. We do the same thing every year at the same time. People know what to expect.
2. People bring their own meat to grill or a main dish, chairs, and utensils.
3. We potluck the rest of the meal. This year was heavy on the desserts and fruit, but it was still yummy!
4. I tell people on the invitation what to bring. 
5. The party is at the end of our street, so if we forget anything, like wipes or aluminum foil, all we have to do is walk a few doors down to get what we need.
6. I have neighbors who bring out their grills, tables, and do things like collect garbage, so I don't have to provide or do everything.
7. The main event is to meet the neighbors. In the past, we invited the local firemen and some people opened their pools for swimming. But the favorite thing to do is talk and eat. And eat and talk. 

And with such awesome neighbors, our block party was bound to be a success!

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