Monday, September 16, 2013

Brewster Goes to College, a Bittersweet Time

Ms. D is experiencing an empty nest. Her beloved guide dog puppy, Brewster, is now a college man.
We dropped him off yesterday at the Guide Dogs for the Blind headquarters so that he could receive then next level of training for his career.

Here he is getting his last meal before leaving our home:

After spending a little time with the family in the morning, we drove to San Raphael, about one and a half hours from our house.

We signed papers while Ms. D showed Brewster his "dorm," or the kennel. We posed for pictures.

Then it was time for us to go to his dorm room.

Peaking through the door to the kennel
Brewster liked the other dogs. His room was between two of his brothers. After the health check today, he will have a kennel with another dog who is matched with his personality. He was so excited about the toys in his room. When the little door was opened to go outside, he tried to take the hanging ones out with him. It just wouldn't work! Then he spotted a Nylabone on the floor and took it outside. The people at Guide Dogs do a lot of things to make the transition better for the dogs. I was impressed on the good care they give to each of them. They will work and learn, but they will also have time to play.

The hardest part was saying goodbye.

Ms. D hugging Brewster
We won't be able to see Brewster until graduation day when he is about to go with his new person, or if he is removed from the program and comes back to us. I hope he passes, but on the other hand, I also hope he can come back. Either way, he will be a blessing.
But for now, we are grieving. We miss Brewster!

Brewster's new collar

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