Monday, September 30, 2013

Daughters Moving Out

My oldest daughters are taking their next step in adulthood by moving out of our home and making a new one for themselves. This isn't the first time Microbio Daughter has lived on her own or with roommates, but the cost of living in our area and student loans have made it more difficult to be independent. The mother hen in me wants to continue to protect and shelter my daughters. But that would not be healthy for them. By moving out, they will learn and grow, and be more prepared to establish their own families someday. I'm proud of my girls!

My Daughters in Front of Their New Place

The whole family helped out on moving day. My oldest sons did most of the heavy lifting, which was very much appreciated. I hardly did any work at all, other than feeding people, carrying a few boxes, and taking care of my grandson! It was so nice that the siblings pitched in to help the girls move, especially since I had helped Hubby to put sod on our back lawn that morning while the girls were at church. Sod is really heavy!

Moving In

Since today was Microbio Daughter's birthday, we celebrated her birthday yesterday while everyone was here. It is such a blessing to have children that are growing to be such awesome adults. I am encouraged when I think of how well each one of them are doing. All of them are a blessing to their community and around the world.

Happy 26th Birthday

Microbio Daughter works at a biotech company which is doing some pretty cool research. She is the kind of person that quietly gets things done before you even realize there was a problem. I can't tell you of the many times that she has taken the younger kids under her wing, calmed them down, or did something fun with them. Her gentleness and steadiness are anchors when emotions are high. She has been a blessing to people wherever she goes. Since she isn't one to blow her own horn, I don't think the world knows just how awesome she is. But those who know her understand her gifts.

I love you, Daughter! Happy Birthday!

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