Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Growing Up, the Nest Gets Emptier

In the next few weeks, Brewster, the guide dog puppy, and my two oldest daughters are going to be moving. Both are ready. Brewster is going to go to college at Guide Dogs for the Blind in just a few days. My daughters have applied to two rentals and will move into one of them in the next couple of weeks. It is very difficult to find affordable housing in the Bay Area. Many people live in their parents' houses well past the time that young adults in other parts of the country leave the nest. But my daughters were able to find something that fit their budget and are excited for this new chapter in their lives.

I am torn between being excited for my daughters' and Brewster's future, and a bit sad that they will be moving away. You'd think that I would have had plenty of practice with the empty nest time, since my oldest sons are already established in their new homes. It isn't like my nest is completely empty either, since the two youngest aren't going to leave us anytime soon. At least I hope not! But there is a bit of a loss when children move out, even adult children.

Brewster will be learning some awesome skills and hopefully be a blessing to someone who is blind. Yet he has been a blessing to Ms. D, and has helped her through a very rough time.

We will all miss the girls. We will miss Brewster. It won't be easy for the younger ones to adjust, and I'm sure we'll have plenty of tears. Hopefully we won't have any full blown meltdowns. But at the same time, there is cause for celebration. We have done a good job, and our daughters and puppy are ready to learn new things and experience life as adults. I am proud of them!

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