Friday, September 27, 2013

Introducing Samurai!

We got a new guide dog puppy, Samurai!

He is an eight week puppy from Guide Dogs for the Blind.

Isn't he cute? He has such a big name for such a little guy. One of his brothers is named Sheriff. Guide Dogs name the puppies. The names of the puppies in each litter start with the same letter of the alphabet.

We picked him up from the kennel at the Guide Dogs for the Blind headquarters in San Raphael.

Ms. D looks a bit serious in this picture. I think it was hard for her to be in the same place where she dropped off Brewster less than two weeks ago. We found out that Brewster is adjusting well to college. He'll start his training soon. Even though it was hard for Ms. D, she did well and fell in love with the new puppy right away. But what's not to love with such a sweet little butterball in your arms!

Samurai did well on the long ride home. It helped that we were also transporting a career changed dog to live with her puppy raiser. He loved snuggling with Nellie.

He got to play with the other guide dog puppies and career changed dogs when we dropped Nellie off. I was surprised that the dogs did so well together. Samurai had so much fun!

Samurai got lots of hugs from the girls when we came home!

He even got a picture taken in front of a kimono.
Welcome home, Samurai!

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