Friday, September 13, 2013

Poor Puppy

Last night, as we were talking to some friends who were returning some coolers for the weekly food pickup, Ms. D came running out of the house with her pajamas on. She sprinted across the street barefoot and came back with a little dog. The neighbors had found the dog in their backyard. They couldn't keep it overnight because they have a big German Shepherd which would devour the little pup.

He was so sweet! But he was also dirty, full of fleas, and had some sores on his legs. It kind of looks like he was confined in a small space for a long time. Poor puppy! I hope he had been lost for awhile. No dog should ever be that neglected in someone's care. Ms. D cleaned him up, fed and watered him. Ms. D was up half the night because he didn't like to sleep in a crate, but I didn't want to risk getting Brewster sick just before he went to college.

We took him to the shelter first thing in the morning. Of course, the dog wasn't neutered and didn't have a collar or a chip. We will watch to see if he gets adopted. He's such a sweet dog, and will be a great pet for someone who will take care of him as he deserves.

It is so sad to see how some people treat their animals and children. Neglect this extreme should never happen, yet we've seen it before. We've seen the effects of abuse and neglect, and it breaks my heart.

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