Sunday, September 29, 2013

The Plot Twists

Sometimes life seems like a novel or a movie, where the plot seems to go in one direction, only to completely turn directions the next. You think you know how things will end up, but then something comes up, out of the blue, and the novel ends in a completely different way. This makes for a good story, but it can be pretty unsettling in real life.

Our family has had quite a few of those kinds of plot twists lately. I can't write of all of them, but there have been so many changes my head is spinning.

We took Brewster to college, and had decided to wait until Ms. D was ready for a new puppy. After puppy sitting last week, she decided she was ready. And a day after letting our Guide Dog group leader we'd like another puppy, we had one in our arms.

Today, our older girls are moving out of our home into their own place. They are both in their mid-twenties, so the time is right, but the mom in me wants them to stay here. It's a good change, but a change.

We've been working on handling disappointments and change with Ms. D this summer. We talk about how to handle grief and loss. We have been figuring out ways to handle life's twists and turns in constructive, rather than destructive, ways.

I just didn't figure I'd have to use these same skills myself!

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