Sunday, October 20, 2013

A Courageous Woman

I am so in awe with my friend D.

She went with her adult daughters to see their father while he was deathly ill this week. This same man abused my friend and her daughters before she left him years ago. The youngest daughter, not fully understanding the extent of the hurts this man had caused, wanted to have a relationship with him. I understand the draw, because my own children gravitate towards their birth family, despite the abuse and neglect they have suffered. It's hard to understand the pull, but it is real.

My friend could have said, "Good riddance!" My friend could have held onto the resentment and the hurt. But because she loved her daughters, she went with them to the hospital. It takes a lot of courage to look in the eyes of someone who has hurt you so deeply. It takes a move of God to have compassion on a sick and dying man who had caused so much grief. My friend had that supernatural compassion.

D is a courageous woman!

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