Monday, October 14, 2013

Fear and Trust

Our plans to move have been bringing up deep fears in some in our family. It's easy to say you trust God, or you trust your parents to care for you, or you trust your husband to make good choices. But faith and trust aren't real until they are tested. 

And we have been tested! 

There is so much to accomplish in the next few weeks. Hubby starts his new job in two weeks and will be moving ahead of us while we stay until the house is sold. We have to do some final minor repairs and paint, pack, make our house look like a showroom, look for a new place to live, teach the kids, move out of state, and start a new job. This would be a lot to handle, but I have also had the fear that the kids would somehow sabotage the process in the hope of staying in California. How will I be able to pack and keep the house clean while Hubby is in another state? Will there be any crises while he's gone? Will we all like the new home? 

I figured out that Mr. I's greatest objection to the move has been related to fear. Will we move to a high crime area? Will he be safe? Will his sister be safe? Will he be able to make friends?

To help Mr. I, we have been asking him to tell us what houses he likes. Sometimes having choices reduces fear. We also have been assuring him that we will only look in lower crime areas. So Mr. I hasn't been as fearful.

As for my own fears, everyone's prayers have helped. The kids are settling down. We are taking care of tasks, and things have been working out. I'm beginning to see some hope. 

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