Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Girls Night Out to a Hockey Game!

My friend, K, took me to a hockey game last night!

It was my first one!

I haven't seen much hockey on TV. It's so hard to follow the game, the players and puck move so quickly. It was much easier to see the game in real life, and I learned so much.  I'll enjoy watching and listening to the games better, now that I can imagine what is going on.

Of course, there were some things that I couldn't experience at home. The NOISE! The crowds! The intro!

And of course, the Zambonis!

I got to eat an ice cream sandwich made with chocolate chip cookies after the second period. Yum!

It was an amazing game! I hope I don't get spoiled by the 9-2 win or the hat trick!

Cleaning the hats off the ice!

Yes, Hertl got a Hat Trick and ended up scoring four points in one game! I loved his smile and apparent awe of the whole experience. He looked so young! I told K he looked like a baby, and sure enough the smiling kid is still a teenager!

Yes, I think I was spoiled.

Thanks, K, for such a wonderful night!

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