Friday, October 18, 2013

Pod Arrived...Let the Move Begin

The pod arrived today.

We plan to spend the next week packing the pod up with whatever we want to take to Seattle and don't need to use for the next couple of months. We've been sorting, purging, and giving away many of the things that we don't want to move. I find it's easier for me to give to someone than to think of selling or tossing. It's nice that our older children are just starting out and can use what we don't want to drag up with us.

Yesterday we signed papers to sell our house the first of next month. I was a little panicked last night when I realized just how much there needs to be done. I didn't sleep well, though laying awake worrying didn't help matters at all. Of course, when I woke up in the morning and started to work on things, the whole process seemed a lot more manageable than at midnight. You'd think I'd learn. I have awesome sons and daughters who are helping me and that I can call upon when needed. It's not like I have babies underfoot, though we do have a puppy! I have friends who have offered to help. We just need to empty the house, do a little painting, minor repairs, and cleaning and have over a week to do it all. I really don't have to worry!

The kids are more accepting that we are moving, and one is even a little excited. It really helped to have Mr. I look for new houses for us. Giving him the ability to tell us what he would like is making it easier for him to not worry. He can see we aren't going to stick him in a dangerous place, and who doesn't like a say in where you live? And today, Microbio Daughter, Ms. D, and I were talking about how many eighteen year old young adults move to college or for a job, and Ms. D is just doing it two and a half years early. I think she felt good about being able to do something an older girl would do.

There is a lot to do in the next week or so, but it will be easier now that the teens aren't as upset. Thanks to all who have been praying for us and to those who have helped. You are all so awesome!

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