Wednesday, November 20, 2013


I read an article the other day about "Email Apnea."

While reading it, I noticed that I was holding my breath. Again, when I was getting ready for an inspection on our house, I held my breath. And after I found out the inspection lasted over three hours, yes, you guessed, I held my breath again.

I've been holding my breath a lot lately, even when I'm trying to be more aware and stop doing it. It has become my go to response when stressed, and it can't be very healthy.

So I'm trying to be more deliberate in breathing. It may take awhile to break old habits, especially ones that are so second nature. But if I'm going to get through this time of single parenting while my husband is working in another state, am in the midst of selling a house, moving my family, homeschooling, navigating the coming holidays, birthdays, and graduations, and helping my two special needs kids in a time of transition, I'm going to have to lower my stress level.

I need to learn to breathe.

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