Sunday, November 24, 2013

Brewster is Back!

We are now a two dog family! Brewster failed guide dog training for being over-exuberant in greeting. Guide Dogs for the Blind allow puppy raisers to keep the dogs who are career changed if they want. So Ms. D got her wish to get her beloved puppy back. We picked him up Friday afternoon.

I wish you could have been there when Brewster saw his girl for the first time in two months. I got a video of the first moments of the reunion.

Here he is ready to come home!

He loves his girl! And his girl loves him!

And now he has a playmate, Samurai!

 Samurai loves having another dog to play with.

We are so happy to have Brewster in our home again! Ms. D told me that now that she has Brewster, she is ready to move. He will be a help in the transition. He may have failed as a guide dog, but he is being a great therapy dog for my girl.

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  1. This is all just so beautiful--it's like he was meant to be HER therapy dog all along. SO happy for you and her!