Thursday, November 28, 2013

Hubby is Almost Home!

After a month of living and working in another state, Hubby is coming home for Thanksgiving weekend!

I don't know how the kids will react to Daddy coming home. So far they are a little withdrawn, and maybe a tad bit bossy and cranky. But that's OK. Hubby is almost here!!!

I don't know how the families of soldiers and others who are gone for long periods of time do it. I am in awe of them. This past month has been very difficult for me and the kids. But of course it was difficult! We were selling our house, the kids have difficulties even in low stress times, and we still had to homeschool and maintain a home life without the presence of Hubby.

But we made it through! And Hubby is almost home!

I have so much to be thankful for this year. No, it hasn't been easy. There were situations that were beyond what I could handle. But we made it through. Sometimes making it through is reason enough to be grateful. But if I look a little harder, I see that I have so much more. I am blessed.

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  1. so happy for you!!! That is something to be truly thankful for. : )