Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Status Update

The house is cleaned and staged.

It looks great, but it isn't that practical. I'm more nervous with all the stuff laying around that isn't ours. It will be good to sell it as quickly as possible for so many reasons, especially since Hubby is already in Seattle.

We had a rough time with the kids last weekend, but now things seem to be calming down. Moving, stress, fetal alcohol, attachment disorders, etc. are not a good combination. It would have been hard enough to get the house ready, clean, and painted, without the added work of kids either shopping for other parents or acting out. I don't know how single adoptive parents do it. 

Mr. I had a hard time the other day. He was touching newly painted walls as he ran through the house. I was a wreck following around, telling him to calm down and stop running. There are too many breakable things here that don't belong to us, and he is not an old man that needs the support of the walls to hold himself up. I certainly didn't want to have to wash walls with my sore shoulder. He did calm down, but not until after Hubby did a video chat and assured him that our new place will be safe. I have to remember that some of the most annoying behaviors have reasons behind them. Messing the house and acting out of control is really missing dad and being afraid of the future. Too bad I'm so tired,  it's hard to think of all the motives and roots of behaviors.

Each day I think we are almost done with the work, and each day I find more to do. Yesterday I did a little more flooring, and installed two toilet seats and five smoke or CO2 detectors. All this was done with a sore shoulder and in the midst of other tasks, such as cleaning, paperwork, and driving across town to take my daughter to the car repair shop in rush hour. I also went to Grandson's house to drop of a small bookshelf and eat some yummy adult food! Squash soup and salmon are much better than fast food! It's too hard to cook with all the staging things on the counters. Real people don't live this way!

I lost another pound in the last two days, and am about nine pounds lighter than I was a few weeks ago, despite the poor diet. I hardly sit down at all. The uncomfortable staging furniture and work list ensures that!

Hopefully the house will sell quickly. It will be good to settle down and be done with it all. 

Now I'm off to make sure the kids' rooms are clean and do some more work!

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  1. Wow, the house is gorgeous! I love that color of blue!