Tuesday, November 26, 2013

When Mama is Sick

When Mama is sick, the kids get uneasy.
Children don't like it, when Mama is queasy.

I tell myself then, the kids used to be worse,
When tantrums happened, and they often would curse.

It is better now, though I fall to old ways.
I act like a cat, and pretend I'm OK.

I care for myself, when they aren't around.
But when they are here, I jump up with a bound.

As hard as it is, to be a good mama.
It's harder to be, a mama of trauma.


  1. And even though you felt sick, what a clever little poem you came up with. I can see how mama being out of the picture would be stressful for kids from trauma, but I am so sorry you don't have the luxury of curling up in bed. I hope you are feeling better today, and are not in charge of a big production today! May your children (all of them!) be a blessing to you today, not for what they do for you (although I hope you do get some loving words, hugs, and acts of service coming your way today) but just for who they are, and what they mean in your world. I hope most of all your day is full of peace, and thanksgiving. : )

  2. what a cute poem!! hope you're feeling better mommy Linda!