Monday, January 27, 2014

Spur of the Moment Trip to Grandparents' House

One of the benefits of living closer to the extended family is the ability to take spur of the moment trips to see them.

Mr. I needed to interview a family member for a research report on family cultures. He admitted he could have done the interview over the phone, but he missed his grandpa. So we loaded up the van and spent the weekend at Hubby's parents' place.

 Sunrise on the farm while I was taking the dogs out for their morning romp.

It was good to be on the farm. The dogs had a blast, and so did the kids. Mr. I split wood, and Ms. D relaxed. It was a good family bonding time. We were also able to bring home a few more things we were storing at the farm, and do a little shopping on the way home.

I am finding more and more blessings living here. And being able to visit Hubby's parents is a big one!

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  1. Oh, so happy this morning to hear YOU sound happy! I am so glad all the stress of the move is behind you (well, I am sure you are still unpacking and settling in) and you are already starting to take some deep breaths of rest. That photo is just the epitome of restfulness! And I loved hearing how Mr. I wanted to spend time with family--so special!