Friday, February 21, 2014

Getting Back Into the Swing of Things

One of the most difficult parts of moving are the hundreds of little things that need attention in order to get established. Registrations, licenses, new healthcare providers, schools, guide dog puppy requirements, changes of address, outfitting a new home, and many other tasks need to be done quickly, and still live a normal life. Dogs need to be walked and cared for, homework needs to be completed, chores need to be done.

Then unexpected road bumps pop up. I can't find the potato peeler. A tub leaks. A car breaks down. The kids get sick.  The computer charger dies. The puppy gets an ear infection. Someone used our credit card information illegally. A mailbox lock breaks. A migraine comes on. I have to find a book so my son can do his homework, only to find out, after a visit to the library and searching online, that he was using the excuse of not having the book to not do the homework. Yes, he tried that old trick and I didn't suspect it until after I went to so much bother.

But I can't let the thousand little things keep me from enjoying life. So each day I try to accomplish at least one moving task. I paint a room. I change an address. I get a library card or a dog license.

And I play in the snow with the kids. Well, I try to play in the snow with them, but they think it's too cold. But I did get Mr. I to make a couple of snowmen with me.

Then I take the car to the mechanic and learn the bus system on the way home, pay some bills, clean the house.

And take a walk and admire the flowers. Or meet hubby on the ferry and walk the beach way home.

I change some addresses, go to school IEP meetings, and do so much paperwork my eyes get tired.

And take impromptu visits to see the extended family, and admire the rainbows.

Spend time on the phone and computer with teachers, nurses, and the fraud department.
And have fun at an outdoor store on the way home from the grandparents.

I cook meals, clean the house, and put together furniture.

And step outside our back deck and listen to the chorus of frogs on the island.

There is so much to do to get back to the swing of things, to find a rhythm of life that is healthy and happy. But I'm getting there, one step at a time.

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