Monday, March 17, 2014

Girls' Day Out

Ms. D and I went on a girls' day out Saturday. I didn't realize just how much we needed some time alone until after we spent the day together. 

First, we went to a guide dog puppy outing with Samurai. I thought we were going to the mall, but we spent most of the time outdoors, walking in and out of businesses and around town. Although we weren't quite dressed for the weather, our light sweatshirts weren't quite enough, the rain held off until after the meeting.

Afterwards, we went shopping. Samurai got a lot of practice inside stores and went with us when we had lunch. He got so tired, but did so well!

Since there isn't much variety of stores on our island, we had a lot of errands to run. Our last one was at Wally World. We left Samurai in the car, since he was napping. I'm glad we did, because of two surprises we had as we shopped.

The first surprise was in the parking lot. An elderly man stopped us and asked us if we heard about the frog. I knew that Bainbridge had a thing about frogs, and I wondered if there was some special frog that I hadn't heard about. You never know what to expect in a small town, especially one that caters to tourists. The man then told me this: There was a frog that went into the store and bought some flies. Frogs love flies. The checker then asked the frog, "Will that be cash or credit?" The frog replied, "Debit, debit!" Ms. D and I laughed and laughed! How many people get stopped in the middle of a parking lot and have someone tell them a joke?

Then when we went into the store and heard this:

Our day together was filled with surprises, shopping, and girl talk. I can't wait until the next time I can have a date with one of my kids.


  1. What a great day! I love it that you find pleasure in the little surprises in life--I do too!

    And I am sure that bagpipe was LOUD. We had a similar fun surprise this past Fall--going with a homeschool group to a local old cemetery in Santa Cruz to learn about the people buried there (Civil War vets, pioneers, Chinese, etc.) and do grave rubbings. We lingered after the other families had all gone, just because it was so fun--and a woman came and started playing bagpipes! So we went and sat and watched her play for a while, and then she talked to us about the instrument. Talk about a fun homeschool morning! But even outside, sitting a good 20 feet away, that instrument was loud. I can only imagine how it echoed around that store! : )

  2. Yes, it was loud! If you noticed, we didn't stand, but quickly walked by. Ms. D can't handle loud noises! She said it was fun at first, when we were on the other side of the store, but she couldn't wait for him to stop when we got closer.