Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Guide Dog Puppy Meeting and Weekend Getaway

The teens had spring break last week. They had visions of spending the week in San Jose with their friends. I would have liked to visit family and friends. One friend isn't doing well in her cancer fight, and I would have loved to visit her one last time. That didn't happen. I was sick the first few days, and then we had guide dog puppy meetings Wednesday and Saturday.

Our guide dog group after a nice walk in Poulsbo

There just wasn't time to drive down, and since we are trying to get on our feet financially, plane rides were out of the budget.

So the kids had a nice, boring week, which isn't a bad thing for them. They don't do well with a lot of excitement, and I think the stress of school and moving lowered their resistance to illnesses. A relaxed week helped them to recharge.

Saturday we went to the guide dog outing in Poulsbo. It is such a cute town! I'll have to go there again. We got a dozen donuts at an awesome bakery after our meeting, and drove down to the grandparents' farm. We got to visit, Mr. I got to drive the tractor, and Ms. D and the dogs had a great time playing...

...And resting.

I would have loved to be able to visit friends and family in California, but this spring break was good.

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