Wednesday, April 16, 2014

I Will Do Anything for the Ones I Love

There is another viral illness circulating in our family. It is hitting the teens the worst. Again.

I don't think there's been a week that has passed since our kids started school that one or the other kid has been home at least one day since they started school in January.

I took my daughter to the urgent care clinic Sunday to make sure her sore throat wasn't strep. It wasn't. This wasn't the place I would prefer to spend a few hours on a beautiful Sunday, but I also didn't want Ms. D to lose any more school days.

Both kids ended up missing some school this week anyway.

Lately I have been planning my next season of life. What do I want to do with my time, once we get settled? The kids are in school. How do I meet people? I have so many interests. What do I want to do when I grow up?

Those questions have been put on hold for awhile. It would be pretty hard to keep a job or go to school myself if I have to keep missing in order to care for the kids. Flexibility is extremely important when you have children with special needs. Whenever I mention going to work the kids panic. Maybe I need to think of some things I can do at home, and figure out some other way to socialize. It's hard to be an extrovert and the mother of a child with special needs. How do other extrovert moms do it, especially when they move to a new area? I was feeling a little sorry for myself about having to stay home and care for the kids.

While Ms. D and I were at the clinic, Samurai, the puppy, shredded a toy and ate the pieces. He ended up vomiting that night. In the morning, Ms. D told me about it after she cleaned up the mess. I told her that she is learning what it's like to be a good mom.

What she said next was precious and a good reminder for me:

"I will do anything for the ones I love to keep them safe and healthy."

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