Wednesday, May 21, 2014


One of my daughters graduated today with a BA degree.

My girl!

I'm so proud of her! Blackbelt Daughter has worked so hard to get her degree and work to support herself. Her days have been filled with schoolwork, tutoring, working for an educational research place, assisting one of her professors, and teaching taekwondo! Through all of this, she did well!

I'm sad to have had to miss her graduation, but I hope to be there in a couple of years when she gets her master's degree in education.

Her decorated cap
She's not the only one in our family to graduate this week. Blackbelt Daughter's boyfriend graduated as well with an art degree.

Photo by Ezra Gordon
Also one of my daughters in love will be graduating with a degree in respiratory therapy.

So many graduations! I'm proud of them all! Congratulations, Scholars!

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