Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Putting up the Harvest

In between family visiting (Yay!) and getting the teens ready for school, we've been putting up the harvest from the island.

I got some free wool that I've been cleaning. I'm hoping to clean, card, spin, and knit something by hand. More on that later.

We've crabbed.

I loved going out in the canoe to put out crab pots. It was a nice way to connect with Hubby. Though I got tired of picking out the crab to seal and freeze, I never got tired of paddling to the mouth of Blakely Harbor with my man.

I also picked lots of blackberries and some apples and canned them. 

Even yesterday, the day before school, I made 21 jars of jam from wild blackberries I picked in our neighborhood. No, I'm not super mom. My house looks like a wreck right now with all the canning supplies and back to school supplies strewn around the kitchen and dining room. But with all the anxiety around the start of school, I needed to do something to find my happy place. Making things makes me happy. 

We even harvested a bit of honey! Hubby brought four frames home and we got twelve small bottles of honey and a bit of comb. 

We also have the extractor in our dining room.

Boy, do I have a job to do getting things cleaned up for visitors next week!